Here’s another slice of the well going collaboration with Popster, this time a nice review of the acclaimed Gorgonized Dorks / Amnogomusikimalo split 3″, entitled “Life Is A Gift”, out on Russian label Core Records. Hope you enjoy it!

So here’s the split of two great bands, released on new russian label Core records (http://www.myspace.com/corerec), the release is a pleasure for every genre-lover, and for me exactly.

Alive classics Gorgonized Dorks are already known to be the band that can make experiments and play good old noisecore/noisegrind. On this split you’ll hear experimental stuff with industrial influences. Everything begins with 4 minute intro: drums, bass and keyboards. Then the slaughter begins, same instruments + vocals, I didn’t hear guitars here, but be sure, it doesn’t make the sound worse. Get ready to hear some ritual singings mixed with furious attacks. Explosive mixture. Everything ends quietely, in general, it takes 15 minutes, “all trax untitled”. Amnogomusikimalo’s part is 6 min and 6 sec long.

Amnogomusikimalo is a noisecore project of Mikhail, the guy behind Core Records. Check his myspace (www.myspace.com/ammmalo) and don’t foget to look through Core Records release list, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting for you. So, the second part of the split consists of 100 tracks, short and angry, bass + drums and vocals with echoes effect. There are lyrics here! You’ll be able to figure out some words, that is quite rare in noisecore :)Much energy, not positive maybe, but surely not negative. Don’t think that it sounds weaker after G.D.’s part, fresh blood kicks ass! I didn’t mention that the split is called “Your life is a gift” and designed as a gift certificate. Conceptual work that can make you fall in a trance (isn’t it what we really need?) and loaded with some sense. Hurry up to get this piece of marvellous noise!


Also, I want to suggest you a great band from Italy, made out of very good friends and very devoted and humble guys, RISING HATE. Hailing from Bologna, they play a modern kind of death metal, fueled by an obsession of strange historical subjects, Twin Peaks, conspiracy theories and an always lovable dark sense of humour. They are really great, just check ’em out and wait with me for the upcoming first CD.

They’ve got also really good merch, look how badass is this tee

I’m really sorry for the long time passed since my last post, but Glee drained out my social life, if you like fresh and down to earth stories and musical made out by a lot of classic songs, don’t miss it!  And, OH MY GOD, look at her (brunette one, obviously)!


~ by petetheripper on January 29, 2010.

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