I’ve really enjoyed the Psychotic Sufferance / Melanocetus Murrayi split 7″, so when I’ve heard that the GREAT Bringer Of Gore was putting out a new spli tape between Psychotic Sufferance and Vomit Hate Noise, I knew that I had to buy it.

This split is called Fallout Shelter and starts with Psychotic Sufferance. They hail from Malaysia and they’re around since twelve years, not bad, isn’t it? They play a grinding kind of noisecore, bursting out songs with a musical structure, just overwhelmed by a tremendous noise pattern. They also put a lot of strange sound effects in it, like CSMD or Noisebazooka, giving that weird sci-fi/industrial vibe to everything. I can describe Psychotic Sufferance like the bastard son of earl Sore Throat and Violent Headache, both trying to jam with Bastard Noise. The sixteen songs on this tape are all intense and harsh, mixing the vibe of noisecore with the top notch flavour of old-school underground noisy grindcore. If you like Violent Headache, early Dahmer, Warsore and Sore Throat you will love this band!

just a little footnote for Marc BOG : I think using yellow on yellow for the inlay is not a good choice….

Then it’s the turn of Vomit Hate Noise, hailing from Italy. They play a more elaborated kind of grindcore, with moshable parts and a strong -core vibe in it. Think about a mix of late 90s Cripple Bastards, mixed with the sounds of Eastern Europe gore grind bands, everything topped with a oppressive and mid-range focused production, that gives to all the songs a very primordial sound. In some parts they’re almost thrash, like in Mediolanum Armageddon, but the band that they remind me the most is surely early Grimness (now Grimness 69), especially on their split CD with Holocausto Canibal. I just want to mention Mestruonoise, a collection of noisecore blasphemies and cursing, and Tutti Morti, which i can describe like a fucked up tribute to Negazione’s classic Tutti Pazzi. Overall, Vomit Hate Noise is a nice band, offering nine good slab of noisy old-school grind, putting almost every kind of sub-genre in it, you can hear noisecore, classic grindcore, some gore all put together with a nice and fitting amateurish production.


~ by petetheripper on January 17, 2010.

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