This is  a dream coming true. Interviewing the great Dan-Charge from Deche-Charge is such a blast for me. He did so much for noisecore, starting from his main band, Deche-Charge, until his shitload of side project, not even counting all the stuff he put out on his label, Gocharge Records. Dan-Charge is a man who doesn’t need any introductions, if you don’t know him, hurry up an buy as much D-C releases as you can, you can’t be wrong with them.

Ladies and gentlmen, mr Dan-Charge.

Q : Hi Dan! Thanks for being here. I can’t believe I’m interviewing a living legend of noise!

A: Haha, thanks man, but i’m no fucking legend man, i’m just old!! [LOL ndPete]

Q: Talk me about the beginning of everything. In your bio you write that you started Deche Charge as a result of listening to Sore Throat. The noise that came out in the first sessions was on purpose or you were already trying to push the limit a bit more far?

A:  Well yeah Sore Throat and Napalm Death were our original influences. At the time of our first demo (summer 1990), that’s all we knew along with Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel and all the death/thrash metal bands. We really had no idea what to do, we just got together and recorded whatever came to our minds. We didn’t know about the word noise or noisecore. We really didn’t think that we could do anything more extreme than Sore Throat, that’s for sure. It was in the following months that we got to know bands such as 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Anal Cunt, Meat Shits and all the noise/grind underground scene in general. So while N.D. and Sore Throat were our original influences, then 7MON, A.C. and Meat Shits were the ones that guided us into playing noisecore with hundreds/thousands of tracks. That’s when we realized that there really are no limits at all for noisecore!

Q : You’ve done a lot of releases, each one containing a shitload of songs. How are the compositions created? Just improvisation or you try to write them down?

A : It’s all improvisation. Since the years we have our own style and way of recording/playing our shit, so i comes really easily. It’s really totally non-musical, we have a strange concept that our stuff has to suck, musically speaking! Chain Saw can’t play bass, but that doesn’t prevent him from playing bass in D-C! A bit the same for the drums, we just intentionally want to suck, it’s anti-music. There is no evolution or progression in D-C, we still pretty much do the same shit we used to do, except that now we always use real drums instead of a drum machine like on the early shit. If we feel like using song titles we just write them down, before or arter recording it doesn’t matter, and use as many as we need for a specific release. When it says a specific number of trax on any one of our releases, we really did count them and it’s a real number!

Q : You are one of the few bands who are almost only on analogic supports, be them tapes or vinyls. Which support you think fits you best?

A : Well what we prefer is vinyl. To me noisecore belongs on tape and vinyl. I am always a bit less attracted to cd/cdr releases, i prefer a tape than that. Our stuff is like that because back then nobody had computers. We have some cdr releases, but no pro cd. To me a cd sound too clean for noise hehe…

Q : You’ve done very few live shows. Can you describe them? You try some kind of theatrics or you just focus on “music”?

A : Yeah we are not what you could call a ‘live’ band. We’ve done around 10 gigs in total. We just go ahead, we don’t plan absolutely anything, get drunk and play fucking noisecore. We try to offend people and it usually works!

Q : You’ve been in the scene since the beginning. What do you think is changed, in a good or in a bad way, in all these years?

A : Well i guess that not much has really changed. If you listen to the bands of today compared to the old ones, it’s pretty much the same. The big difference is of course internet that makes communication easier. So you see many bands now with tons of releases very early on. Everyone can hear your stuff instantly, so you don’t have to send stuff to ‘zines and spend so much money on postage etc… The spirit is the same i think though. Noisecore has really survived and it’s an honour to be part of a scene that has survived so long. What has definately not changed is that alot of idiots use the scene to ripp people off like Jerk Off Records and Impetigo Productions who both ripped me off lately. But that will never change, but it’s assholes like them who made me wanna quit some years ago, they ruin it for the kids.
Maybe we were the first noisecore band from Canada, but there were lots of others before us in the late 80’s like Tumor (ger), Stench Of Corpse (uk), V.N.A. (fra), Anal Fist (ger), Sound Pollution (gre) and of course A.C., 7 M.O.N. and Meat Shits.

Q : You’ve got a lot of side projects, can you talk about some of them?

A : Well as of now i only play in Mesrine (grindcore) and Abüsor (thrash). I have played in other bands like Dis-eased (d-beat/RIP), Fistfuck (grindcore), Face The Aggression (thrash/RIP), Demolish (grindcore/RIP), and my first band was Think Shit (grindcore/RIP). Besides that i had many noise/shit projects like Dan-Charge, Fuse, Retarded Rooster (7″ release coming out in 2010) and lots of others.

Q : You ran Gocharge records in the 90s, releasing a lot of great noisy stuff. How it started and why did you quit?

A : Me and Frank Goshit used to run gocharge Records, which basically we released many of the D-C tapes and all of our other retarded projects like those mentioned in the previous question. It never really was a very serious label or anything, more of a tape label for our own projects. Most releases were just shit/noise stuff too horrible for most people to enjoy haha. Best projects/bands we made releases of were Demolish, Morbid Shit, Sonic Disorder, Regurgitator, Anal Jackson, Naked Insects, Clitoris Trafficker, Gonoise, Polluted Thought and many many others. For more info and to download the 2 Gocharge Records sampler tapes check this link:

Q : Can you talk me about the exchange of “good words” between you and Anal Cunt? Just an inside joke or there was something serious?

A : Well the story behind that is that Frank Goshit and I had some anti A.C. projects back in 1993-1994 just because thay had signed to Earache Records, and we thought they had become commercial posers in it for the money because of that. So Frank had sent Seth Putnam some of those tapes and in summer of 1994 Anal Cunt played a gig in Quebec City so we hanged out a bit with them after the gig. The next day we went to Montreal to see them again and then on their following album they had done a song against us. I guess they were just taking their revenge hehe! They just thought that we were dumb kids and they were right, so we deserved it haha! So it’s half serious, half joke.

Q : You made a very succesfull reunion some years ago. What kind of feedbacks are you receiving?

A : Well i don’t know if you can say it’s ‘successful’ [from my point of view, as a fan, this reunion is just GREAT! ndPete], we just decided to get together and record some stuff. I was on tour in Europe with Mesrine in 2005 and met Neilsape of No Fucking Labels in Holland and he was a big D-C fan, as well as Tony Schepkens of Permanent Death/Agathocles and people all around europe were talking to me about D-C. I realized that lots of people remembered about us and still listened to our old tapes/records. I was really surprised about it. So Neilsape asked us if we wanted to take part on a 4 way 7″ he was doing, so that became the “I’m Going Ape Vol 2” [in fact, it was on #3, see my post below! ndPete] 4 way EP. It was the first official D-C recording since 1998. Then we thought that it was fun to do this again so we just made a myspace page and it all started from there. Big thanx also to Mortville Records who had released the D-C/Permanent Death split 7″, that totally renewed the interest for D-C from then on.

Q : What kind of music do you listen to? What is your main source of inspiration?

A : Well i already said for the D-C inspiration/influences. I’m still mostly into thrash/grind/noise/d-beat stuff. AC/DC, Agathocles, Blood, Impetigo, D.R.I., Razor, The Accüsed, Splatterreah, Amen (finland), D.O.C., Rot, V.N.A., Sodom, M.O.D., Anvil, Archagathus, Sakatat, Assück, Denak, Extreme Smoke 57, G.O.D., Exulceration, Xysma, Blatant Yobs, Asphyx, Anthrax, Metallica (old), E.N.T. (old), Defecation, Righteous Pigs, Unseen Terror, GG Allin, Chaos UK, Discharge (old), Nuclear Assault, Tankard, Sonic Disorder, Rupture, S.O.B., Mob 47, Repulsion, Doom, Merciless Death (usa), Hirax, Morbid Saint and the list never ends. I like mostly old stuff from the 80’s-90’s but lots of newer bands are awesome too. I don’t like any technical, metalcore, emo triggered synthetic metal shit.

Q : What is the record that changed your life, personally and musically?

A : That’s a great question. Many records have changed my life, but probably the 3 main ones are S.O.D. “Speak English Or Die”, Napalm Death “Scum” and Sore Throat “Disgrace To The corpse Of Sid”. In that order, because before S.O.D. i was just a 12 year old kid listening to glam metal like Poson, W.A.S.P. and Motley Crue. S.O.D. totally blew me away with their speed and heaviness, and i thought 2 seconds and 30 seconds songs was an awesome concept. A couple years later in 1989 Napalm Death just tore my tympans apart and made S.O.D. sound like fucking Whitesnake or something. All the old Earache bands were just killer and are all still part of my faves. Then that Sore Throat LP was quite a shock for me and Chain Saw. 90 trax on one LP side, how could that be fucking possible? The concept of noise just for the sake of noise, without real riffs was totally unknown. I bought that record without hearing it first and at first i thought that all the songs were real compositions, but it was just hilarious joke over-the-top grind/noise, nothing serious at all. So that’s when me and my friends realized that we could do stuff like this ourselves and have a laugh. We were doing many dumb projects back then like Masturbator, Regurgitator, Erector, Dead Society and of course D-C. All of them influenced by N.D. and Sore Throat.
You have done a lot of splits with big and small bands, often helping them to gain crowd attention. There’s a band you want to split with?
DAN: 7 minutes Of Nausea we’d like to share a split 7″ with them one day. We are on a 12 way tape with them released by Sludgesicle Records in late 2009. That’s really cool but a real split just them and us would be awesome.
I don’t think we have done splits with any ‘big’ bands. We like to do splits with starting unknown bands, we consider ourselves no better than them, we are all equal in this scene!

Q : What shall we expect from Deche charge in the near future?

A : Many new split releases such as a split LP with CSMD, split EP’s with Turbolent Pussy, 7 Seconds Of Coitus, Disleksick and many other soplit tapes and compilation appearances.

Q : That’s all! Thanks Dan for your time, you can close this interview as you prefer! Cheers!

A : Thanx alot for the interest in D-C, hope you enjoyed the interview. Check our myspace and get in touch for merch and splits. We can’t say yes to everybody we do what we can! Cheers


Chain Saw (original member)
Dan-Charge (original member)
Fred (live guitar)


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