The first band on the first volume is also the only one who appears in each one of the three episodes, even if in different forms. C.S.M.D. pounds your ears with their trademark sci-fi bass driven noisecore, with a twisted obsession about apes and Godzilla movies. Their stuff here is, as always, muddy and crazy as fuck, with the distorted bass destroying everything on its path. These ten tracks are a good way to start the lot!


Here it comes! After Aunt Mary and Yesmeansyes, Nihilist Commando is another damn good project coming out of Finland. They play noisecore the way it should be, so some musical parts followed by instrumental mayhem and screaming vocals, in the way of classic bands like 7MON or Sore Throat. After this compilation they started a very good series of releases, not to mention their great work in promoting noisecore with their website ( ). Pretty solid and intense stuff, Nihilist Commando kick ass!


Kanibal Bloodbath hail from England and play a harsh kind of industrial noisecore. Distorted guitar, saturated vocals and weird atmospheres are the pieces of their “musical” puzzle, with a twisted flavour reminding of some obscure horror movies from the b/w era. I can remember some of their releases on Swampfoot records, but I have to say they are probably the weakest band in the bunch.


Here they are, the DIY masters from Brazil. Noise play just like they name is saying, so you’re gonna expect your dose of old school noisecore, influenced mainly by stuff like early Sore Throat and a bit of chaos core like Kuolema. Finding Noise release is pretty hard, so this session has a great value for every noisecore fan. They’re classic and old school, but don’t sound like the same old shit, instead they are very good and you can feel all their passion through the distorted notes.

The first output of this series is also one of the best. t was such a big blast for me when it came out and it contains a legend of the “second generation” of noisecore (C.S.M.D.), the weirdest band of the lot (Kanibal Bloodbath), a big revelation (Nihilist Commando) and an underground legend (Noise). Great stuff, all packed in a nice looking clear red vinyl.


The second volume start just as the first one, with the legendary Crowd Surfers Must Die taking care of introductions. They slow things down a bit, playing the first part of their March Of The Monster suite (???). Bass driven noise fuzz, with scream and grunts in the background and obsession for Japanese monsters, these are all that need to CSMD for creating some fearsome mayhem.


Here’s one of the earliest outputs of the soon-to-be legends Gorgonized Dorks. Old school noisecore, made by a chaotic wall of sound with pitched vocals and awesome drumming. Katz and Ben are a wonderful duo and here you can also hear the first attempts of making something different in noisecore enviromente. Maybe sometimes a little bit naïve, but Gorgonized Dorks kicked ass then and continue to kick ass nowdays. A good start.

Fun note : on the backside of the comp. cover you can see a very ancient version of their well known logo. Cool.


On the flipside here’s Straight Edge Kegger, the real outsider of all the I’m Going Ape Volume. They sound a bit more noise than their usual stuff, but they still play an awesome kind of ripping fastcore with female vocals. I really like their style (just hear their split with Mind Of Asian and you’ll love them too). They still don’t fit so much with the other bands but who cares? They are great and is always nice to hear the grotesque voice of the wonderful Meg!


Katz is here again! NOYFB are legends and they put out four songs of their noisecore with low grunts and ultra-distorted guitar shredding. No big surprises here, everyone should know them and how they kick ass, expecially at playing songs with a structure, more in a core way, and covering them with a shitload of noise and fuzziness.

Great way to close the second volume of I’m Going Ape, which maybe isn’t as great as the first one, but keeps high the standards of the series.

As just said, this second volume is not as great as the first one, but doesn’t feel like a failure at all. It’s great in its own way, with interesting band, such as the returning of C.S.M.D., one of the first stuff of the great Gorgonized Dorks, the outsiders Straight Edge Kegger and the long-lived legends None Of Your Fucking Business. IMHO, the weakest of the three, but still a good noise compilation, which comes in a nice clear white vinyl.


Here we go! Intumescence usually plays sloppy and fast goregrind in the early LDOH way, but here they lean mostly on the noise side, bursting in some untitled songs. They sound great and it’s sure a great way to start the third volume of I’m Going Ape. Just think of some weird incest between Human Atrocity’s LDOH era and Fear Of God. I’m surely looking forward to more of their stuff in the future.


Ladies and gentlemen, bow to history. Yemeansyes is surely one of my favourite noisecore bands, and here you can hear one of their sessions dating in 1998! I really loved their split with World and on this slab of vinyl they still put out their trademark feedback fuelled noisecore. If you like Sore Throat and Final Exit you will love this sickos. All hail Finland!


Listening to Deche-Charge is always a pleasure. Vinyl just doubles the pleasure. Listening to them re-recording their second, almost divine, demo Le Retour Des Deche-Cores won’t le me stop drooling forever. Deche-Charge are the history of the genre and giving new life to one of their classic demos is great, you can hear all the talent and the nonsense coming out of every blast. Deche-Charge just confirm the status of cult band on this release, you won’t get disappointed. I just love when they start going mad and plays songs shorter and fester at each blast. Simply great.


Can CSMD stay out of one of the I’m Going Ape volumes? Surely not! So, closing the last chapter of the series, you have Rotgut, the band which spawned CSMD. They played a primitive kind of noisecore, chaotic and full of distortion, with a lot of weird parts, like drones or bizarre chatting and guitar parts. Too bad their session is very, very short, I’m still hungry for more!

The last chapter is also the worst looking one, with a cover that doesn’t look good as the first two, and the vinyl in the classic black instead of the clear versions, but it’s also the best on the musical side, with TWO legends (Deche-Charge and Yesmeansyes) that are good as always, one band experimenting the noise world (Intumescence) in a very good way and the former version of the mighty C.S.M.D. (Rotgut) Number three is the best one for me, but just take them all, they’re all surely a great addition to your collection, so contact No Fucking Label and Breathlike Violence and make yours these three slabls of vinyl!


~ by petetheripper on January 9, 2010.

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  1. a ROTGUT/ROTGUT: split 7″ EP (lmtd 50 copys only) is in works
    This will have more Rotgut “pre CSMD” 1991 demo trx and on the flipside Rotgut from Malysia. Should be out late April/May 2010 on NFL)

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