Deche Charge is easily one of my favourite noisecore bands. I simply love their attitude, their style, their ability to be so punishing music wise and yet so funny.
Here’s a bunch of reviews about some of their stuff.


2002 – Mortville Records

Awesome CD-r compiled by Mortville Records (cheers to them!) that contains all their 7″ EPs pre-2002, from the first one with The Earwigs to the latest with Mizuko , with also some unreleased and compilation songs as bonus. The disc kicks in from the newest one, the split with Mizuko. On this recording Deche-Charge sound more blurry and harsh than usual, reminding some stuff from their beginning or the split 3″ with Gorgonized Dorks. It’s alla about a very saturated sounds and short blasts, all meleted together by a muddy, distorted bass. Then, we go back in time, with their split with Clitoris Trafficker, released in 1995 (which, luckly, is part of my collection). D-C explode with 61 tracks of old school classic nonsense noisecore, with most of them starting with a more musical approach, then bursting in the usual noise mayhem. This is a re-recording of their first demo, Metal Deche Cores, and it just kicks ass.
Then it’s the turn of their full 7″ out on Regurgitated Semen Records in 1994. The inner sleeve of the original record states that there are ALMOST 1024 songs, but the number depends on what we consider a song…THAT’s the attitude I like in these Canadian noisemaster!
Everything in these session is just pure noise, a long cacophony pattern covered by barks and racket, sounding a lot on the mid-90s 7 Minutes Of Nausea production or the 5643 EP by Anal Cunt. On this record I think they were quite experimenting some new kind of noise, edging on the monotonic/harsh sub-genre, with a result that is maybe not so amazing, but worth of attention.
The fourth part of this session has more variety in drumming and something like a -core flavour in it, then the last part is classical noisecore, with blasts, bursts and screams.
Then kicks in the split with The Earwigs, the first EP by Deche-Charge. It’s divided in 5 parts for a total of 664 songs, every one created by distorted grunts and screams put over a never ending drum blast, which changes in each part. The more the session goes on, the harshier it becomes, raising its speed and distortion. This side of the split with The (let me say it GREAT) Earwigs is very good, showing an interesting side of Deche-Charge production.
The last part is formed by the D-C side of the split with Anal Massaker, the great Vegan Offensive / 574 Trax 7″. Here Deche-Charge put some more grindcore elements in the bunch, starting each burst with a F.E.T.O. sounding guitar riff and then exploding in the usual wall of noise and barks. The result is a very harsh and monotonous noisecore that just pierces your ears, not letting you to stop listening to it. This session along with the split with Clitoris Trafficker is surely the best in the collection.
Then comes the unreleased (the other track I missed is just a “long” -at least in noisecore standards- song that appeared in the Noise Against The Machine compilation). The first two are the real strangers on this CD, being a sort of mid-tempo noisy goregrind with a noisecore edge on them. Pretty strange, but cool. The third is a burst in the usual Deche-Charge way, and the fourth is a long series of bursts in the vein of the split with The Earwigs, just in a cleaner way.
What I still have to say? Nothing, lurk around and buy this piece of history.


1994- Gocharge Records

The greatest joke release ever. A full Deche-Charge tape made only by a short noise blast of 3 seconds, ranting about the bloody enemy : death metal. This demo is a prophecy of what will happen the next year (in 1995) when Deche-Charge blowed up the minds of some deathsters on a Quebec festival.


1994 – Gocharge Records

Simply : GREAT. Here we have five bands putting out noise for 30 seconds in total.
It starts with Erik Disorder who makes a fast track starting with a scream and then a drum blast.
The second one is Dan-Charge, just blabbing with clean voice. Then it’s the turn of Morbid shit, which is a side project of Frank Goshit (also in Deche Charge from 1994 to 1995) that delights us with the noisiest cover of GG Allin ever made, precisely with I Don’t Give A Shit. The last act of the show is Dan’s partner in crime Chain-Saw who just hits toms and snare without saying a thing. Good? Yeah. Cult release? Super yeah.


(I think) 1995 – Gocharge Records

And when you thought it was enough, here it comes part II! It starts (again) with Erik Disorder who just sings on a carnival tune (crazy, man). Then it’s the turn of Dolt, who is just distorted and saturated clean vocals. The third in line is Humpty Dumpty (one of the thousands of Dan-Charge side projects) which delivers vocal impro-noise on something flushing down. Decapite is some growling noise on a country song, then the last song is some distorted white noise by Factory Of Noise (another of the above mentioned Dan’s projects). This tape is not so funny as the first one, but it deserves a chance, at least for its cult status!

You can buy the Complete 7 ” Collection CD-R at Mortville Records and download the stuff I’ve reviewed and a lot of classic Deche-Charge and Gocharge records here and here.


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