Wormrot are for sure one of the best new grind bands around. With their first album, Abuse, they made clear they’re  gonna take prisoners. Fast, pounding and crushing grindcore the way it should be. I’m very glad to have the chance to chat with Arif, their vocalist. Let’s go!

Q : Hi Arif, thanks for doing this interview! How are you doing?

A : Hey man I’m doing fine. Pretty laid back chillin with ciggs and coffee all day long while waiting for Dead Space and Resident Evil 5 games to finish downloading.HAHA.
Thanks for hitting us up for an interview! Appreciate it yo! Usually I’m not the one handling interviews but what the hell. Let’s go.

Q : Tell me about the aftermath of Abuse. You’ve done a killer album, what were the feedbacks?

A : We’ve been getting tons of feedbacks on Abuse before and after the Europe tour. Everything is being awesome so far. We’ve seen a lot of Abuse reviews on blogs and we really do appreciate the greatass comments they were spewing. Thank you for making
us feel pressurerised for the upcoming 2nd album fellas. HAHAHA but no seriously, it’s been great hearing good words keep on coming in about us as we`re trying to keep grindcore alive in our own country and contribute something to the world’s grind community.

Q : You’ve played at Obscene Extreme Festival 2009, how it was play at such a big gig?

A : Personally, I’ve been following OEF band rosters for quite a while and it’s a dream for me to actually be there and witness maybe just one of their fest. So you can imagine how stoked I was when we actually get to PLAY. It was an awesome feeling grinding off with the right grinders at OEF.
Curby was being very cool about the whole situation of having us in the fest and I might add he did a great job over the years.
Not to mention european grinders are just plain supportive and crazy. Mad respect.

Q : You’re a pretty young band and you’re already a big name worldwide. How you made the jump from the demos and your first album? How was the recordings?

A : We`re pretty and we`re young [LOL ndPete]. HAHA. The youngest in the band is the drummer (Fitri) I’m not sure, should be around 22? And myself along with the guitarist (Rasyid) are 25. I’m not sure we`re that young or old. But then again who cares about age. It’s all about how you grind. I’m not sure if we are already a big name worldwide but
we just want to play our music with the right people and getting drunk with the right people at the end of the day. It’s all about enjoying yourself and meeting new friends all over the world learning their culture etc.

Yes we actually released a promo and a demo before we hit on Abuse. There were slight changes in the drum lineup as you can tell from the “Dead” release, it’s Ibrahim
on drums instead of Fitri. And Fitri was on the drums on the promo release before “Dead”. It’s kinda complicated biography but we took in Fitri for Abuse. Personally we
think is for the best. And I guess it does and we`re very much satisfied with the end result having Fitri back once again in Wormrot.

The recording process was rather hmmm.. easy? We`re just going with the flow and everything falls into places where they should be. Thank fucking god for that.
The recording studio (TNT) did very well recording us and I did some mastering for Abuse as well. So yeap everything went mighty fine.

Q: When and how you started to think that grind will be YOUR music?

A: We actually started on playing something like Disgorge from Mexico. More of brutal death gore grind going on. But as we move further, there’s too many restrictions for us to be more mature in handling our versatility in music. Don’t get me wrong you can do that in DM as well, but we are approaching on more what we feel as a band. More comfortable towards our grindcore backgrounds. We still have the grind elements for sure, but more relax so as we could spew in whatever we think suites the musicianship. Be it jazz,pop whatever. Modifications after modfications till it fits and become grind as a whole. Try to be less boring as possible.

Q: What are your main influences? What do you listen to the most when you write music?

A : My personal influences something like Blockheads? Don’t you love vocal variation on that one? Killer. But they have few vocalist doing diff kinds of vocals. And Rasyid can’t do shit but just playing the guitars. And Fitri was doing some vocals as well back then when we`re playing live. But i suggest he should stick to his already complicated drummings and I will handle all the vocal variations. It’s a hardass job.

I listen to tons of shit.Eeverything accept technos. I’m a huge fan of Rnb and soul music. The rest listens to I donno..maybe some deathcore, indie, metalcore, nu age?

All in all, we don’t constrict ourselves in just a particular genre. Everything is music and what is the harm listening to everything? And that’s where variation comes when dealing with the band creating tracks in the rehearsal room.

Q: Wormrot play with no bass. It’s a decision turned out as a necessity or just a temporary situation? Do you miss the bass in the writing process?

A: Having bass does enhanced our sounding no doubt at all. But we are comfortable as a 3 piece band. 3 is a crowd, so we don’t need another member to overpopulate us.
Haha. We are comfortable with how our sounding is. And we work better just the 3 of us. Even recording wise, no bass was recorded. What you hear in our album is what you gonna hear us live.

Q : How was your European tour? There were problems?

A: The tour went very well. Except for the last day our van broke down in the middle of the highway and missed the very last show. That’s kinda sucked real bad. But it was a good fun experience. Ups and downs when touring. It’s normal. Other than that, my fiance Azean, Martin from Extreme Terror Prod and Pavlos from Noise Attack did an amazing job handling the tour. They rule all.

Q: Tell me about your artistic project Rotworks, it rocks!

A : Haha thanks man! I have been doing artworks for a very long time even before I have bands. And I’m still active doing new artworks for bands now. I’m currently an apprentice in a tattoo studio. Planning to open up my own Rotworks studio when I’m pro and as fat as Paul Booth. Wish me luck! Here’s my link to Rotworks : there’s gonna be a proper site for my artwork but it’s not up yet. Soon. Very soon.

Q: What about Singapore’s extreme music scene?

A : Singapore definitely has great bands I’m very sure of it. There are tons of new bands popping out. Not much of the grind and death scene and pretty much trendy wankers music has been spreading like gonorrhea here. But it’s all good. Great grind bands here in singapore like Magnicide? Who toured japan early this year. We also have Bombarde, Hen, Hudud, Fallen World, Shaktii which most of them I’m not sure if they are still active. There’s few good Death bands here too but not that much. There’s extreme music in Singapore no doubt at all. Seeing old bands popping out as well. Like the mighty Cardiac Necropsy and Demisor [SUPER DEMISOR! ndPete]! yeargh!

Q: Thanks for your time, Arif! Close this interview as you want!

A: Hopefully I’m done downloading with the games so I can rape some monsters. Or maybe the other way around. Thank you for digging us up man. Really does means a lot to us.
We are about to start on our upcoming 2nd album so just keep intouch with us for some updates or shits like that.

Cheers to you Simone and keep it grind as fuck like never before!!!


RASYID – Guitar

FITRI – Drums

ARIF – Vocals


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