I’m really proud to host on my blog Katz from the mighty Gorgonized Dorks, one of my favourite bands ever and one of the most prolific and strong acts in noise scene nowdays.

Here we go!

Q : Hi Katz! Thanks for accepting to do this interview. How Are You?

A: Busy… I’m doing fine, though busy… I’ve been pretty preoccupied with working on the latest Gorgonized Dorks recording session. Lotz of noise to work on, for alot of releases we’ve been asked to do…

Q: The first Gorgonized Dorks was out in 2005. Since then you’ve done a shitload of releases and published split with the greatest bands in grindcore and noisecore (Deche Charge, Unholy Grave, Agathocles, 7 Minutes Of Nausea and CSMD among others). Since then seems that you’ve been changing sides, from being the band who splits with big acts to being the greatest noise band to do a split with. What’s your secret?

A: LMAO! I still think of us as the small little band that we had started off as back in the beginning of 2005. We really don’t think of ourselves as a “big band”… It’s nice to see that a lot of noizeheads have been really receptive to our stuff…
Well, we try to be prolific and diverse at the same time. I think that is what has been working on our favour, We’ve been labeled all sorts of various things such as: grindcore, noisecore, grindnoise, harsh noise, power electronics, goregrind, thrash, psychedelic thrash punk, etc… We still consider what we do at the core as “punk”, though we don’t limit ourselves in what we listen to or create as a band.

Q: How often do you rehearse? What’s your modus operandi?

A: Since Ben and I live a good hundred kilometers from each other, it’s not often we get together, so all of our material is spontaneous, freeform, and improvisitional… We at least get together once every couple months to record lately, as we have had quite a bit of requests to do splits, comps and full releases. We spend one weekend when we get together in order to lay down the basic tracks to our grind-based material on one of Ben’s 4-track recorders during the daytime, and record our harsh noise/power electronics stuff live, on his smaller 4-track recorder, at night… Just in those couple days and nights, we would have many hours of horrible sounds to work with! LOL!

Q: Who are your musical mentors? There’s a man or a woman in music history who changed your point of view about music?

A: LOL! Too many to name… We’ve been on this miserable planet long enough to absorb all manner of stuff via aural osmosis… Though, the primary influences for Gorgonized Dorks would initially be the likes of: Anal Cunt, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Brigada De Odio, Larm, Rapt, Gerogerigegege, Agonia, W.B.I., Meat shits, Noise Waste, Yesmeansyes, Stench Of Corpse, and all manner of horrid shits from the 80’s and 90’s…

Q: When you started Gorgonized Dorks what were your purposes? Just fun or there was something else?

A: Actually, yes… It did start off with a purpose… We started the band as a slap to the face of individuals, to whom shall remain namelss, that we both have had falling out with due to various shady reasons… Then it was just some joke we were doing… Then people started to take our noise serious, so it kind of took on a life of its own and work on pushing the proverbial envelope of what we can do within the genre.

Q: Talk me about your live shows. I’ve read from you about a gig where you played with a plastic bag on your head. How far can you go in the name of trying experimental things? What can I expect if I attend a GD live show?

A: We’ve played very few shows in our existence, really. We did a total of 9 gigs, if I remember… Live, we just try different things. We have just done gigs where it was a conventional drums/voc/bass or drums/voc/git set-up… We have done gigs where it was drums/voc/keyboards or even drums/voc/key/git combo… We’ve even tossed in tape loops and theremins into the live set, as well as wearing masks and other minor bits of theatrics. The most minimalistic we have ever done was vocals and theremin, which was our gig opening for Unholy Grave, Insect Warfare and Crime Desire [!!!! ndPete]… We have discussed doing more “performance art” kind of stuff in future sets… Who knows what we will do next… LOL!

Q: Gorgonized Dorks are famous for trying out almost everything. You can buy 3 different releases and listen to 3 different kinds of noise. What are the influences that can assure you such a large amount of styles to put in your music?

A: Well… It is that both Ben and I listen to a diverse selection of underground music, and not just in the grindcore vein… Ben also listens to extreme death metal, black metal, prog/krautrock, screemo, shoegaze, and the like… Me, I go back to the early days of punk rock, as I got into punk back in 1979, so I grew up on all sorts of sounds when they were brand new, as well as be witness to a myriad of bands from that stretch of time. I also listen to a lot of gothic, industrial dance, 80’s hardcore classics, and some weird UFO/conspiracy stuff… We’re both twisted in the head! LOL!

Q: Nowdays noisecore seems to live a new golden age and Gorgonized Dorks sure played a very important role in this. What are the best “new” noisecore bands around in your opinion?

A: Yes, it has been due to MySpace, various blogsites, and the resurgence of the tape trade underground… Though the have been around even longer than us, C.S.M.D. keeps getting creative with each release. There are some new bands that has been making some really devastating noisecore, such as T.Q.B. from Norway and Pissdeads from Russia. A lot of noisecore has been coming our from Ecuador, which has shot past Brazil in the amount of noise coming out lately.

Q: A lot of musicians usually listen a lot to one or two records from the past to find inspiration when they’re creatively stuck. Do you do that? And if so, with what?

A: Both Ben and I are record collectors so we each have many thousands of records in our vinyl collections… We shift around on what we listen to for inspiration when mood fits… A while ago, I was listening to stuff like early Boris and Skullflower, while Ben spun constantly Deathspell Omega and Abigor… right now, I’ve been spinning old 80’s Polish punk, hardcore and post-punk vinyl… It’s what mood we’re in, really…

Q: Talk me about your solo project. Pretty obscure, isnt it?

A: Humanextermination Project… It’s my solo project I’ve been doing since 1994. It was less obscure back in the 90’s when I was doing it more full time… In that time, I had like 10 full and split tape releases on various noise labels worldwide… Most recently, I’ve only done a few comps here and there… I did recently find an old session from 1999 that I had lost and found, which I gave to Smell The Stench Records in Australia to release on Cd-r… It was more raw harsh noise compared to the stuff Gorgonized Dorks does noise-wise.

Q: Talk me about Gothic Gospel Records. I’ve seen you co-producing some stuff (like GD/Hated Principles and GD/Ass) but I can’t find much on the internet. How do you work? What are your past releases and what’s up in the future?

A: My label had also put out our first noise tape release, “Explorations of aural destruction” double tape (limited to 20 copies), split 6″ lathe-cut with Deche-Charge, “Destroying Your Stylus” 7″, etc… Gothic Gospel is a label I’ve been doing since 1983! It was the label started to release most of the early Hated Principles releases, but later put out other vinyl records out for friends.
Well, I’m really poor as dirt so releases on my label is going to be few and far between, but I am planning a few more Gorgonized Dorks split tape releases for the near future.

Q: What we have to expect from Gorgonized Dorks in the future? You seem unstoppable!

A: If you look on our upcoming release list on our MySpace profile page you will find alot of future vinyl releases waiting to come out. There will also be a tons more of various tape and Cd-r releases too. Too many to name… LOL!

Q: We’re done! Thanks for the interview, you can finish how you want!

A: Chech out our stuff when you get the chance. Support all the little underground labels and distros that help support what we and others are doing. Check out our MySpace page at :


KATZ SEKI : Vox, Ensoniq sq-1 & Yamaha Synths, Steinberger xp-2 Bass (Newburg orig), Guitars (Gibson ’85-V, Guild 686, Ibanez AR3000, ESP Maverick), Pedals, Noise Effects, Electro-Faustus Oscillator & Optical Theremin & 4-track DIY recording wizardry.

BEN AGROMOSH : Vox, Drums & Percussion, Moog Etherwave Theremin, Micro Korg Synth, Pedals, Roland SP 555, Ibanez Bass & DIY 4-track manipulations.


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